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Teal Yellow Multi Kalamkari Print Festival Stunning Lehenga Shrug

Teal Yellow Multi Kalamkari Print Festival Stunning Lehenga Shrug

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It looks like you're describing a lehenga and a shrug! 🎉

Here's a breakdown of the details you provided:


* Fabric: Chent Crep (I assume this is a type of fabric, but I'm not familiar with it. Could you please clarify?)
* Work: Kalamkari Print (Kalamkari is a traditional Indian art form that involves hand-painted or block-printed designs on fabric. It's beautiful!)
* Inner lining: Micro Cotton (Micro cotton is a type of cotton fabric that's lightweight and breathable)
* Size: M to L margin, XL to 2XL margin (This means the shrug fits sizes M to L and XL to 2XL, with a margin for error)


* Fabric: Chent Crep (Again, I'm not familiar with this fabric type, could you please clarify?)
* Inner lining: Micro Cotton
* Flair: 3 meters (I assume this refers to the length of the lehenga's flair or the distance from the waist to the hem)
* Size: 44 L (This means the lehenga fits a size 44, with an L as the width or circumference)

Please feel free to provide more information about the fabrics you mentioned, and I'll do my best to help you with your questions! 😊

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